maanantai 25. helmikuuta 2013

Viisauden sanoja

 "When I look into the eyes of a horse I don’t see just a horse.
 I see a friend, a confidant, a partner, a free spirit, a independent thinker who gives in to my requests, even when they don’t make sense to her.
 I know her spirit and I share mine.
 Whether we accomplish a little or a lot, we are a team.
 She has given me more than any person is able and more than I can ever give back - courage, stamina,... self-confidence, belief in myself and what I am capable of and more - so I care for her every need willingly.
 Because of her I am not afraid of the big obstacles, the deep and wide trenches or threats from those bigger and stronger than I am.
 I learn gentleness is wiser than harshness and one kind word of encouragement will gain more than all the loud, angry words combined.
 No animal opens its heart to a human so willingly, giving all its trust when everything about the life we provide for them is contrary to their nature. 
They should always live free, graze most of the day, wander where they wish and come to us only as a friend of their own free will.
 No will to be free is stronger than that of a horse, 
yet we confine them and they accept it. 
To treat them cruelly or without the consideration we expect in return is uncivilized, barbaric, selfish egocentric arrogance. 
The noble horse, the throne of kings, deserves her titles, and so much more. They deserve our love and respect. 
They will always have mine."

Judith Victoria Douglas


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